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Nico Preston

This website hosts materials that I've collected throughout my career in data science, research, technology, and health. The content has been hosted on a variety of platforms from Google Docs to Wikis. Thanks to Markdown they're still legible and continue to evolve, but are undergoing vigorous editing and updating.


Current Field Guide(s)

Field Guide to Data Science

This is the ninth version of this guide since inception in 2010. As of June 2023, I've reformatted and posted 5% of the original guide here: Quickstart to Data Science. The remaining 95% is being refactored with changes, most notably my recent transition to Polars from Pandas and Visual Studio Code from Atom. I'll continue posting new sections here, accompanied by blog posts. I've posted the setup guide to support colleagues in my current role; consequently, there may be errors and typos. Please post tickets on Github or contact me if you encounter these.

Upcoming Field Guides

Field Guide to Research

I've been developing a companion guide to the Field guide to Data Science that captures research methodologies from study design, to clinical trials and ethics. Like the Data Science guide, it places an emphasis on quantitative and interventional approaches.

Field Guide to Technology

I'm an avid technologist, with an interest in medical devices, medical IOT, sensors, software, and medical equipment. This technology guide capture these trends and the potential for innovation through technology.

Field Guide to Clinical Practice

While passionate about Data, Research, and Technology, I also practice paramedicine in my community. In this guide I distill evidence-based practices from around the world, infused with a health dose of research and innovation.